Good Art

Nebuchadnezzar (Tate Collection

London by William Blake

I wander through each chartered street,
Near where the chartered Thames does flow,
And mark in every face I meet,
Marks of weakness, marks of woe.

In every cry of every man,
In every infant’s cry of fear,
In every voice, in every ban,
The mind-forged manacles I hear:

How the chimney-sweeper’s cry
Every blackening church appals,
And the hapless soldier’s sigh
Runs in blood down palace-walls.

But most, through midnight streets I hear
How the youthful harlot’s curse
Blasts the new-born infant’s tear,
And blights with plagues the marriage-hearse.



Botticelli – Portrait of a Young Woman
Date: after 1480
Medium: oil on panel
Location: Gemaldegalerie, Berlin

My god the hair. Would you just look at that hair. Her expression is blank, but through her hair you glimpse the personality within.